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Cicogne Teatro

Corporate image and web design for Cicogne Teatro, 2020.

Theatre as a social tool

We had the pleasure of dealing with the graphic and web design of Cicogne Teatro, a Brescian theatre company that with its shows, readings and meetings creates occasions in which it puts art and culture at the service of sociality, sharing, openness, in the sign of solidarity and human rights.

We collaborated with DUOPUU in the graphic design of the new logo and corporate image, and were responsible for the creation of a website that gives space to images and colours.

Cicogne Teatro addresses a wide audience: children, young people and adults with different faiths and cultures, convinced that the multicultural society in which we live needs narratives that can represent it. We have tried to reflect this in the image of Cicogne Teatro website: the lightness, the openness to new cultures and knowledge, and at the same time the realism and attention to detail that the company identifies as the cornerstones of its philosophy and way of doing theatre.


We designed the new identity and website for Cicogne Teatro, a Brescian theatre company whose shows focus on themes of sociality, soidarity and human rights. For this reason we designed an ‘open’ layout without too many constraints, which leaves room for images and stories – as happens in the theatre.

Visit the website: cicogneteatro.com

Credits: DUOPUU