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Mettiti nelle mie scarpe

Italian declination and graphic production of the elements for the installation ‘Mettiti Nelle Mie Scarpe’, 2021.

“Walk a mile in my shoes”

We collaborated with Piano B in the design and production of the graphic elements for the interactive installation ‘Mettiti in mie scarpe’ (Walk a mile in my shoes).

Piano B, together with Fondazione Empatia Milano, with the participation of Levi’s and Fondazione di Comunit√†, brought the experiential work of artist Clare Patey, creator of the Empathy Museum, to Piazza XXV Aprile in Milan. Real-life tales of ordinary hardship and everyday normality in the city of Milan and beyond, to stimulate the empathic exercise by also proposing disturbing and unfamiliar perspectives and points of view.

We were in charge of the graphic design of pre-spaces, forex, panels and labels inside and outside the installation. The event was an incredible success with over 1500 visitors, 80 press releases and 140 social posts for a total reach of 273,502,508.


We designed and repurposed the graphics of a giant shoe box for a multisensory experience in which we choose and wear a pair of shoes and walk ‘in the shoes of others’ while listening to their stories through podcasts in Italian and English.