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Uainot Games 2024

Communication design for a snowboard event, 2024

A postcard from the Alps

Now in their third year, the Uainot Games by Uainot Mountain Shop are the amateur snowboarding event that closes the winter season in the resort of Cervinia, and in general of the Alps.

The main competition in terms of emotional participation is the banked slalom, and as is the tradition in the snowboarding world, it had to be given an image that was in line with the panorama of events, i.e. the main subject had to be an illustration with certain well-defined canons.

Given the exponential growth and evolution of the various A.I. softwares, and already doing research on a personal level on this tool, we decided to put it to the test with a real project rather than graphic productions for their own sake.

We started from a rough sketch of the illustration, with we used to create a photocomposition containing the most recognizable elements of the image. Finally, we fed the result to an AI image generator, defining the style and the color scheme to be reminiscent of 60’-70’ Alp-tourism posters.

After generating numerous images, we were able to improve on the prompt instructions and arrive at the desired result. Some of the changes made in the final stage of the illustration could have been done with other graphic software, but given the idea of experimentation via A.I. our goal was to achieve the final result without excessive human reworking of the image.


We designed the image for Uainot Games 2024 edition, by Uainot Mountain Shop. The project goal was to produce a recognizable design respecting the typical style of snowboarding events.

Once we had the image, we defined the typography pairing.

As a font choice, given the vintage mood of the illustration, we were inspired by the typefaces for titles/decoratives used in those years and added a modern touch with the secondary sans-serif font.

Various supporting elements were then produced with the graphics, such as motion graphics, t-shirt (printed by Sericraft), stickers and an Instagram filter.